Next Irrigation: West Side Parcels, 9/27/2021

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 Please make sure your ditches and pipes are clean and free of all debris, and as always be sure and monitor your irrigation water carefully. Thank you, Western Meadows Irrigation District






 We are currently on a 2 week split cycle rotation. Our next cycle will begin 9/20/2021 East Side. 


Irrigation is $15.00 an hour and may be purchased in 15 minute increments to be PAID IN ADVANCE. Sign up for irrigation on this website or at the sign up board @ 39th Ave & Topeka Dr. Please contact the Office Manager with any other questions concerning irrigation. All irrigation change requests must be submitted either in writing to the Office Manger, on the website, or on the sign up board by noon the Wednesday before the next upcoming cycle. Thank you.


Contact Info

Western Meadows Irrigation District
PO BOX 11357
Glendale, AZ 85318

Please contact Our Office Manager: Sue Stevens (602)-803-8821 or officemgr@wmid.org with Any irrigation questions, and contact our Irrigation Maintenance Foreman: Terry Sills  (602) 615-6056 or our Zanjero: Jeffrey Lucas (480) 284-2819 for any irrigation issues or emergencies.

To apply for an account on this website you will need to own or rent a property in the Western Meadows Irrigation District. Please fill out the Current_water_use form and return it to the office manager.

We are also trying to improve our service by implementing different cycle schedules to adjust to weather conditions and Holidays, so please check the calendar to keep track of the scheduled dates and areas of service. Thank you!