Current Notices Message & Irrigation System Improvements

Current Notices

1.  39th Ave – Morrow to Yorkshire –  Removed and replaced all exchange gates along 39th Ave making it easier to do exchanges to control direction of water.  The original gates were in need of repairs and the new exchange gates made it more efficient for flow of water.  This reduced the physical barriers that caused several customers difficulty when closing and opening valves.
2.  3700 W Morrow – removed and replaced an old exchange valve that caused irregular flow of water and enhanced the ability of customers to make the exchange efficiently.
3.  35th Ave / Topeka and Wescott – covered 2 open ditches along 35th Ave thus reducing exposure to animals, debris, and people.
4.  35th Ave – Valve/gate maintenance – all gates were serviced and one was replaced due to wear causing water to leak past the closure.  These are the original gates/exchanges.
5.  37th Ave – Wescott to Morrow – Replaced main pipeline that collapsed due to tree roots.
6.  37th Ave/Morrow – Replaced exchange gate with a valve due to vandalism.  Customers could not make exchange.
7.  35th Ave to 37th Ave./Yorkshire – We have completed burying the first section of ditch along Yorkshire Dr. 
Future improvements being considered.
WMID has been in existence for over 60 Years.  Although our system has been functioning very well, we need to consider improvements that will assist us in delivering your water efficiently.  The open ditches along Yorkshire between 35th Ave and 43rd Ave and Wescott between 35th Ave and 39th Ave are in need of repair.  We can chosen to bury the open ditch.  This is a costly endeavor and will take several years of planning to accomplish.  We are looking at starting with the Yorkshire ditch between 35th Ave and 37th Ave.  This would be done during the winter 3 week schedule in order to minimize down time for construction.  If successful, we would do Yorkshire between 37th Ave and 39th Ave the following winter season if financially prudent.
These are plans that will take several years to complete and still allow WMID the ability to deliver water to your property and improve our neighborhood.

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